About Me


I’m Amanda Bartlett & I’m a young woman on a mission. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to help people. So I thought that I would become a doctor. Then I grew up & realized that I have a learning disability accompanied with a  fear of needles & long math equations. I started wearing makeup &  I realized that after all of the haircuts I was giving myself I should probably learn how to do it professionally. So here we are. It is my greatest wish and hope that I can help people feel good about themselves.. (including myself). I am a cosmetologist in training. I have an old soul, I’m incredibly good at wheel of fortune & I like to be in bed by 11. I’m very spiritual. I think impromptu dance parties are very important..even if you’re terrible & you’re the only one dancing. Most importantly, I’m a writer by nature. I was writing before I ever even knew what words were. Out of all the things I have claimed to be good at this is what I’m best at. I can tell a story. I believe that out of all the stories you can make up the best story you can tell is your own. So here is my story in search of The Million Dollar View.

if you read this blog just know that I love you

& to my angel mother I’m sorry for any swearing that I may do I love you endlessly xo

let me bake you apple pies


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