What life is all about

This is the first time I’ve felt okay to write a blog post in awhile. I’ve had this idea in my head for quite some time.

I’ve thought so much about life in my lifetime. I always think about why am I here? Why is it that God keeps waking me up in the morning. Don’t get me wrong I’m entirely grateful, but sometimes I wonder. The last thing I ever want to do is to do insignificant things. Everything I do seems to always have this bigger meaning. I want to make sure that my time here matters & that the people I meet are better because of a kind word or gesture I did or said. Sometimes that want isn’t always fufilled. Sometimes I come across as annoying, I’m sure, because I’ll hear myself say something & I’ll think– what were you thinking? I just hope that people know my intentions are good. I have all of these spiritual thoughts & I can’t help but think they are things that some people may need to hear. Even more so I am learning that the people I meet are such blessings to me. Everyone is really. They teach me & inspire me perhaps even more than I ever could. Even the people who have hurt you. My greatest lessons & my most charted growth has come from pain & people who weren’t very kind. And what I’ve come to find is that this is what Life is really all about…..

A meaning bigger than ourselves. Family, love, happiness, going after your craziest wildest dreams, because really why not?

Where would we be in this world if it wasn’t for people like me, like hopefully you..who are a little crazy. Who see a need for something & think…I can make that happen. Who aren’t afraid to take a risk. Who believe that all hard work really does reap real rewards.

It all starts with a good cup of coffee.
Going through some bumps in the road. A drive home after a long day & feeling free.
Seeing the sun go down into the ocean & believing miracles really do happen.
Going through a cold front & finding comfort in knowing those bare trees will be in full bloom come spring.



Falling asleep next to someone who loves you & them pulling you closer because honestly I’ve never really felt anything much better than that.

Being in the moment, because when you’re in it you find that it really is pretty great.

Enjoy your journey.

When you put God first, things have a better chance of working out. When you make time for Him suddenly everything else falls into place. Hug your loved ones. You’d be surprised how good you feel after giving more hugs. Love. Find the good in everyone. And if you can’t find it, be that love. Sometimes we’re knocking on doors that lead nowhere & that’s when God is saying…”I gave you the brain, the willpower & the mind..now go build a window.”

Be a trailblazer, go with the flow but make your own path. After all it’s your story. Why not make it the best one you could ever possibly write.
All my love xoxoxox

Amanda Bartlett
The One Woman Show


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