You are a somebody

My whole life I looked up to my dad & I wanted to be just like him, but obviously be a woman, have good hair & makeup & a nice outfit. It wasn’t very long ago that I talked to someone about my aspirations & she looked at me & said “well not everyone can be as lucky as your dad, make the money they want & love what they do.” She went on to say “what if you end up being just average? Could you be okay with that?”

And I felt something boil deep within me. A fire that started to burn all over again, because words like that have been burned in me so many times it shouldn’t even be allowed.

Never in my whole life did I ever feel like I would be average. I always knew I’d find a way to make it. To live out my dream & be happy & pay my bills on time. Despite what anyone ever told me. Despite being told “you’re not good enough.” “You’re worthless.” No matter what any test score ever told me. Any failure. Any setback. Any struggle. An empty bank account. Despite being told that what I’m doing is pointless & I’m wasting my time. Despite everything.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you who you are. The bigger your dreams are the more people like to look at you with concern & say “be realistic.”

You can & you will reach all of your goals. And it’ll be really hard, but it’ll be so worth it. No one will ever serve every dream you’ve ever had on a silver platter & just hand it to you. And you wouldn’t want them to. The more you fight for it, the harder it is, the better & sweeter it feels when you finally get it. I promise.

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to wake you up & push you to go after your greatest goal. Sometimes we need to be told “it’s too late for you.” “What are the chances of that happening.” To push us. But we also need love & encouragement & if no one around you is giving you that, give it to yourself. Tell yourself you’re awesome. Be PROUD of yourself. Take pride & treat yourself well. Imagine what you want, believe you already have it & then make it happen.

If you’re reading this feeling bad about yourself because you’re not where you want to be in life this is for you. Keep going. You’re important. You matter.

God never ever made anyone to just be average. I promise you that.

You are not a nobody. You are a somebody

I love you xoxo






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