Treat yourself Tuesday

On bad days (and even good days sometimes) there’s a little voice in my head that’s taunting me saying ” you need to take a break you earned it”, even when I am probably behind on whatever it is I’m doing. Or, you need to buy something for yourself. Sometimes that means me buying yet another coffee mug for myself, which is absolutely ridiculous because my kitchen cabinets are overflowing and at this rate I’m gonna need to buy a separate house just for them.

I guess what my dad told me when I was upset about something really struck a chord with me, he said “listen no matter what the situation is I’ve always found that buying something always makes things better. Even if you’re broke.” So you can see where I get this from. This was bound to happen.

So whatever that may be to you. A piece of chocolate (or several), catching up on your favorite tv show, making dinner from home and enjoying a bottle of wine with good company, or buying that new thing you’ve had your eye on. For me, it can be just going to Cosmoprof and getting a little too carried away or finally purchasing that new makeup I’ve been dreaming of.. sometimes it’s as simple as going to  Barnes and Noble and relaxing with some tea or coffee and reading books on the floor… or writing my own :)(they’re open until 9 which is just wild to me). Sometimes I even buy myself flowers, because I love them and why the heck not? The point is, make it a point to be kind to others but also to yourself.

It’s so important to be giving. Give to others, but you can’t forget about yourself. As my lovely friend Constance Hackler has told me before “treat yourself well.”

Treat yourself, because trust me you are incredibly worth it.



I loooove sushi and Japanese and Chinese food in general
I always try to coordinate my coffee cup with my that too much?





Thanks for reading I love you xoxo


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