The best date I’ve ever been on

Judging from the title, I’m sure that almost every guy who’s ever gone out with me is probably reading this & wondering if they made the cut and took me on the best date ever. People are probably going to expect this to be a nice & romantic blog post & part of me really wishes it was, but the other half of me knows that it’s too good not to share.

Let’s start from the beginning. When I downloaded the tinder app. I’ve only gone on two dates from it, and both of the guys were crazy. The first guy was a crazy cancer, so it was totally understandable, the latter was a hunter and boy did he hunt me down. I remember always thinking this guy was like the perfect guy, and I’m sure he is for the right girl but he definitely wasn’t perfect for me.

This guy had the audacity to cancel a date with me once before and I told him, “I want someone who can keep a date with me and if you can’t do that then don’t bother”…I’m not quite sure if he admired that or what, because he gave me an apology and a promise that it wouldn’t happen again.

When he finally did ask me out and follow through with it, I remember it was a Monday & I had the day off so it was part of my “weekend” we were going to a nice restaurant and I was pretty excited. I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever, I got a new dress. Everything was good.

The date was at 7pm, I obviously showed up late to make him sweat a little bit, because how hilarious would it be if I didn’t show up. When he called me to see where I was, I ignored it. I stepped out of the car and he stepped out of his and he had a bouquet of flowers in his hand. So that kind of made me a little softer.

We went inside and the date started. It was kind of annoying that he kept pressuring me to have a drink with him, but I stuck to my guns. I wanted to be fully coherent for this one. No roofy possibilities. I think he respected me declining, because he didn’t order wine either & said “we can get drinks some other time.” Besides that things seemed moderately normal, he kind of started talking weirdly and making annoying faces, but I could look past that. Then he told me how he wanted children. Which I also ignored, because you know whatever, if he wants a daughter by all means have one (but it won’t be with me)


After dinner, he asked if I wanted to take a walk by the water and I said okay. I’m not even gonna lie about this one it was pretty nice and romantic. We sat on a bench overlooking the water and then we had like a fifteen minute make out session and he kept adjusting my dress so I wouldn’t have a wardrobe malfunction and give the people around us a show. It was hot and considerate. When we finally came back up for air, he walked me back to my car and kissed me goodbye.

All in all, besides a few things it really was kind of the perfect date. I kind of just had a feeling that he wasn’t the love of my life and going to be my husband, but I would want to go out with him again….until the next day when I went to work. I wasn’t even going to say anything but my boss asked me what I did over the weekend, and I couldn’t lie to her so I told her I went out with this guy. Well, naturally, she wanted to know more,” what’s his name? Where does he go to school?….Oh, he wants to be a doctor? What’s his social security number?” So I told her, he went to school locally, he liked hunting…then she stopped me and said “this sounds familiar, I think I know him.” I didn’t think much of it, I thought maybe she did his mom’s hair or something. Then she told me “yeah, I think my daughter went out with him.” Again, I thought very innocently, and assumed they went out a few months ago, maybe a year or two and my boss said “no, I think he took her out last Sunday.” That’s when my stomach started hurting. I’ve never really felt sick to my stomach, because of someone until then. She put her daughter on the phone and we started comparing notes, how he used all of the same lines on her, and looking back on it now it was pretty funny.

I remember telling that story to someone awhile ago, and they looked at me and said he must have really liked you if he got you those flowers, and even though I had a few cranberry vodkas it really made me think about it. My dad told me once that he bought my mom flowers once every week when they started dating, and he did it all the time, he told me I deserved someone like that. As a kid I remember him giving her flowers and she would always smile, but afterwards she’d say “why did you waste your money on flowers, why didn’t you just buy me a pot so I could plant them?” I’ve always had that in my mind. My mom loved gardening and my dad did buy my mom rose bushes so she could plant them. After she died, he went out and bought several plants and still to this day he takes care of them religiously. Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful bouquet of  flowers. I always stare at them in awe. I love giving them and getting them. I’d pick them for my mom all the time. But there’s something to be said about a guy who buys you a plant and helps you take care of it.

And my dad was right (as always) the flowers lasted longer than the guy



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