Goals for 2017

Timing is everything they say..and I heard someone say once that when you’re really ready for something it comes to you.

  1. Have a valentine- how silly but I’ve honestly never had one except for my mom..
  2. Finish my memoir A series of Awkward Events by April 23 of 2017
  3. Make a $700+ paycheck
  4. Get 7,000 YouTube subscribers-  I can feel people rolling their eyes, especially my sister.I have 33 people following me currently. but miracles happen every day.
  5. Update and relaunch my blog- give it a new layout, make it look cleaner, & more neat also give it a possible name change?
  6. Have 50 followers on my blog.
  7. Go back to church on Sundays, tithe again & volunteer again.

This year I really want to work on myself and my life. I’d like to move in a year or two. I’d like to find myself. Be closer with God and be in a relationship where we both bring each other closer to God. I’d like to become more nurturing- be kinder to myself and to others, work out and utilize the gym membership I got for Christmas, start gardening, have more succulents,plan flowers and cook more. I’m working on writing two books- one is a memoir and the other is written like one, based on a true story and is more fictional than a biography. I will also be diligently working on my Cosmetologist career, working really hard on perfecting my craft. I’m going to accomplish all of the goals I have set for myself.




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